• Temples, palaces and other historical buildings, bear witness to the splendid past of the city of Valladolid. The capital of the court in times of Felipe iii, between 1601 and 1606, and the place where the nuptials of the Catholic Monarchs were celebrated in 1469, preserves a monumental heritage of centuries that live alongside modern constructions and a great wealth and variety of museums.

The surroundings of Felipe ii’s birth-place, Palacio de Pimentel, nowadays headquarters of the Provincial Authority, hosts some of the important buildings that are essential to see on a visit to Valladolid. There you can find San Pablo Church, with its imposing late renaissance and gothic styles and the Colegio de San Gregorio, headquarters of the National Sculpture Museum that houses an outstanding collection of works from authors such as Gregorio Fernández and Juan de Juni.But the incentive for a visit can be seen all throughout the city, in past centuries home to illustrious residents such as Miguel de Cervantes, whose former dwelling houses a museum devoted to his figure. Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral and the Santa María de la Antigua Church are other important sights to visit. As well as these outstanding places, we can also highlight other later places such as Pasaje Gutierrez, shopping galleries from the XIX century and a corner of Parisian flavour in Valladolid.To contemplate the essential places of the city there is nothing better than having one of our experts guide you and your guests around the most charming places. Determine the time that you can spend on your visit and book your City Tour today with the type of vehicle that best suits your needs and preferences. We also offer professional guides in different languages (Spanish, English, Italian and French), with whom you may get to know this wonderful city’s history as well as its monuments and the characteristics and curiosities of each museum, temple or historic building.


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